Global awareness on environmental pollution and climate change has comprehended the necessity of Sustainable Banking and Sustainable Financing. Environment-friendly financing as well as operational practice is the key to create and support a green economy. Aviva Finance Limited is moving forward with its effective Green Banking Policy and practices to develop a sustainable banking practice.

For planning and supervising the Sustainable Banking and Sustainable Financing activities at the management level the Aviva Finance Limited has formed the Sustainable Finance Committee:

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Mannan

Mr. Mohammad Khairul Hasan

Md. Mehedi Hasan Tito

Mr. Touhidul Islam

Mr. Aktarruzzaman Khan

Mr. Md. Murshidul Haq Sagar

Mr. Habibur Rahman

The Sustainable Finance Unit on the other hand is engaged with implementation and reporting activities. The unit comprises the follows:

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Mannan

Mr. Mohammad Khairul Hasan

Habibur Rahman