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Press Release

Aviva Finance Limited (AFL) arranged a two day long Training Session on Training and Professional Development Program for its Deposit Marketing Department Employees followed by the Closing Speech from the Honorable Managing Director Mr. Md. Abdul Jabbar in its Board Room.  

AFL EC Committee Honorable Chairman Mr. Syed Abdullah Mohammed Saleh graced the Training Session with his presence and valuable sessions. AMD Mr. Mohammed Abdul Mannan, SVP & Head of Deposit Marketing Mr. Bellal Hossain, SAVP & Head of HR Mr. Md. Saif Uddin, FAVP & Head of Deposit Marketing were also present at the two days long training workshop. Honorable EC Chairman Mr. Saleh said at his remarks “Be honest with your workplace by applying Shariah to ensure the greater good for both this life and hereafter”.

Honorable Managing Director Mr. Jabbar emphasized on the development of the communication skill with empathy as it is the most important part for a deposit Employee. Honorable AMD Mr. Mannan suggested the participants to focus on the personal skill development. Mr. Bellal asked the employees to be informed about the information they are sharing and the Mr. Rabiul focused on the Sales discipline and the Consistent effort for the better career opportunity with Deposit Marketing.

The Training Sessions were moderated by Mr. Saif Uddin and concluded by Mr. Md. Abdul Jabbar with his concluding remarks to the organizers and participants.

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