Deposit Pension Scheme

Savings for future is like a pension you earn over the span of your life. Little drops of savings every month can end up with a stream of relief and benefits after a few years. Aviva Finance DPS is inspired to build up a big sum on small regular deposits. It offers competitive interest rates and installments at affordable reach of our customers. Simply you save on a monthly basis and get a handsome amount at maturity. As stand-out feature, Aviva Finance DPS gives you full maturity benefit for the just-completed term.
You can place Deposit Pension Scheme with Aviva for a varying period of 3 to 10 years for a minimum amount of 1000.
Required Documents
1. Complete account opening form
2. 02 copies passport size photographs of account holder duly attested by introducer
3. 1 copy photograph of nominee duly
attested by the accountholder
4. Identification proof like National ID Card/Passport
5. Minimum deposit Tk.1000/-
6. Introducer signature

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